Thursday, September 20, 2012

Since I was looking for something that would express it just right...

"The word “love” is grossly overused in the 21st century. Most men and women like to withhold using the term until there is some serious reciprocity in the relationship. Men often times wait for women to drop the L-word first as we do not want to depreciate our masculinity.

Truth be told, we want to scream L-O-V-E the very first time our penis enters her mouth. There is no other way to describe the gratitude and appreciation that we have for the act than by professing that we were struck with cupid’s arrow.

In all seriousness, men are hopeless romantics scared of their shadow and even more terrified of the repercussions of this word scaring the perfect woman away. Just know that when a man has waited for you he has loved you since day one. Love isn’t developed. It’s been there since his first dreams of happiness began."

The Everyday Ways Women Confuse The Hearts of Men - Elite Daily

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